GNU Guix — A distribution of the GNU operating system centered on the GNU Guix package manager. Co-maintainer of the project.

Linux — Author of a few USB and IIO device drivers.

Cuirass — Contributor, continuous integration tool for Guix.

Ardupilot — Open Autopilot software for drones and other autonomous systems. Worked on the integration of Parrot Disco delta-wing.

Guile-Git — Contributor, Guile bindings for libgit2.

Guile-Parted — Founder, Guile bindings for Parted.

Guile-Newt — Founder, Guile bindings for Newt.


Fund the Code 2019 — Présentation de GNU Guix avec Clément Lassieur.

Fosdem 2020 — GNU Guix as an alternative to the Yocto Project.


Porting GuixSD to ARMv7.